Know Your Worth

Typically, males are better are flaunting their achievements and how great they are than women. You can debate that with me as much as you want, but women are socialized to be more modest and humble. At least that’s my own experience and that of the other females I’ve met. So it’s rather difficult for me when writing personal statements, cover letters or giving the elevator speech to talk about how great I am. I always feel like I’m re-learning that. 

What I think is more important, however, than these small steps in our lives is knowing our worth as human beings. I had a wonderful weekend retreat at a friend’s apartment and we girls chatted about this issue. A very good friend of mine reminded me almost a year ago that I don’t know my worth. I think so many people don’t and as a result, we tend to downplay who we are and try to impress others. Sure, you can do that forcibly when applying for jobs and school but in real life, no one wants to hear a resume. Another person can’t tell you your worth, it must come from within. If you’re religious, it needs to come from God.

I think when you really know your worth, you won’t need to try to impress another person. You will be yourself and your worth will shine through. You will have integrity and know your limits and boundaries. What an ideal world huh?

So I’m learning about my worth. That includes all of my weaknesses, my ugliness. All of that is wrapped into who I am worth as a person. You can’t just love the strengths and all the merits, you must also embrace the sides you don’t want to show others.

This might not make any sense. I’m still working through it but I remind myself everyday now that I am worth it and to know what that really entails.

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